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Sports and injury clothing

Choosing Sports and Injury Clothing

If you are playing sports or have an injury, then the right type of clothing is important. It should be made with a material that absorbs sweat and wicks it away from the body, so that you remain cool, dry and comfortable.

There are many different types of sports and injury clothes. These include shin pads, knee pads, and head protection such as face masks and helmets.


When you choose clothing for sports and injury, it should be designed to support your body and allow you to move freely. It should also be lightweight and breathable to help keep you cool and prevent sweat buildup.

Synthetic materials are ideal for this purpose, as they provide excellent fit and breathability while being able to wick moisture away from the skin. They are also quick-drying and mildew resistant, which means they can last longer.

Wool is another popular material for this purpose, as it is insulating and warm. It’s a great choice for outdoor sports in cold weather, and is often used as a base layer that soaks up sweat.

Other fabrics include nylon, which is lightweight and quick-drying, and cotton, which is breathable and absorbent. These types of fabric can be found in a variety of styles and colors. They are also commonly treated to provide UV protection, which can be beneficial for protecting the skin from harmful rays of the sun while engaging in outdoor activities.


The color of sports and injury clothing can affect how an athlete feels and performs. Bright colors can give athletes a sense of energy and motivation, while dark colors can make them calmer and more focused.

Regardless of the color, it’s important to wear UV-protective clothes to keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays while you’re training or playing. Choosing clothes with a UPF rating is the best way to ensure proper protection.

If you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, wearing the right type of clothing can greatly reduce your risk of getting injured during exercise. The right fit will also help you move freely without restriction or discomfort.

Plantar Fasciitis Sports Clothing and Plantar Fasciitis Socks

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UV Protection

If you’re heading outdoors for your next workout, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. The most effective UV protection comes from clothing that’s designed specifically for this purpose.

The type of fabric is also an important factor. The thicker and tighter a fabric is, the more UV rays it can block.

A fabric’s UV protection is measured by its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), which indicates the amount of radiation that can pass through it. A UPF 30 rating means that only 1/30th of the ultraviolet radiation that touches it will penetrate it.

A garment’s UV protection can also be increased by dyeing it with a natural or chemical absorber, but this process is not very environmentally friendly and the chemicals are lost through washing. Choosing darker shades of fabric such as black helps to absorb the UV radiation. It’s also worth combining your clothing for optimal protection – a wide-brimmed hat will help to shade your face, and long sleeves and pants will provide additional coverage on your upper body.


Choosing the right clothes to wear when playing or training in a sport can make all the difference. They can help you feel more confident, and they can also protect you from injuries.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing sports and injury clothing is to pick items that are made from durable fabrics. This will mean that the clothing will last longer and will be more comfortable to wear.

Another important consideration is the color and texture of the material. Different types of fabric have different properties, including breathability, wicking, and moisture regulation. Also visit our blog.

For example, polyester is a common material used in sportswear because it is light-weight, wrinkle-free, long lasting and breathable. It is also non-absorbent, meaning that it won’t absorb sweat but will leave it to dry on its own. In addition, it can be mildew resistant. Lastly, the most impressive part about this material is that it can withstand a lot of stress and wear and tear.